Smart Community Face Recognition Cloud Access Control Solution

Program Overview

ØTechnology:The smart community face access control solution is based on Qianyi's deep learning fully self-developed face recognition algorithm, embedded Linux system platform, and integrates the Internet, the Internet of Things, communications, computers, big data and other new generation information technologies to realize the entrances and exits of the smart community Of traffic control.

ØProduct:Based on the smart community face access control cloud platform (using PC browsers, APPs, and applets as functional carriers), Unicom’s intelligent hardware terminals (face access control walkie-talkies, face access control channel machines, and identification verification machines, etc.), realize Integrated intelligent applications and efficient management such as face opening, face attendance, identification verification, intercom opening, personnel management, visitor management, authority control, and equipment management, fully meet the management and control needs of all entrances and exits.

ØApplication:Smart community face access control solutions are widely applicable to various residential communities, apartments, rental houses, dormitories and other scenarios, especially for the renovation of old communities, aiming to solve the safe and convenient traffic needs of owners, tenants, visitors, and property personnel. Efficient management and other issues.

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Application Scenario

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